Explore The Beautiful Beaches Of Jackson County MS While On Vacation

Traveling through Jackson MS is a cultured adventure full of historical attractions, landmarks, unique restaurants and beautiful scenery. Its southern charm goes unmatched in Mississippi, and that goes for the entire county. Jackson is the name of the county, too, and then of course Jackson is the capital city. On top of all the adventures mentioned above, there are some great beaches in Jackson County, too.

You will also find quite a lot of marshland in Jackson MS. It is also important to mention that almost a third of the beaches in the state of Mississippi are manmade. It will be a unique experience to visit one or more of the popular beaches while you are traveling around Jackson County.

Ocean Springs Beach is one of those places, and it sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Fort Maurepas Park is nearby, and reviews say that is where you go for the bathrooms, playground equipment for the children, etc. Ocean Springs Beach is supposed to be enjoyed as a natural attraction, and there are two covered pavilions that you can use.

Belle Fontaine Beach is another popular spot in Jackson County. It is also important to mention that there are spots to visit the beach that are some great beaches that are right outside Jackson County and not too far away. I say that so that you know you have more choices when it comes to seeing the Mississippi coastline, of course without traveling to look far as mentioned. Naturally, you want to relax on the great beaches of Jackson County first.

When it comes to Belle Fontaine Beach, you are talking about beautiful white sand. You will have to make sure you find a public stretch of this beach to enjoy, as some of it is private. People mention birdwatching on this beach, taking a romantic stroll, and of course the kids will enjoy themselves.

Pascagoula Beach Park is the next spot to visit, and this is perhaps the best beach to visit in Jackson County because of the park amenities. You have access to barbecue grills, a playground, pavilions and there is even said to be a concession stand.

There are some great beaches in Jackson MS and Jackson County. As for the beaches right outside the area, there is Deer Island and also Harrison County Beaches. You could spend days exploring the beaches alone, and you still have all of those historical landmarks and attractions, and the restaurants to visit, too.